Tools of Choice

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    • GIMP for Raster
    • Inkscape for vector
    • Figma for screen design.
    • Procreate App on my iPad, but not that well used.
    • Figma ResourcesFigma Resources
      Figma is my current choice of tool for screen designing. These are a few plugins and template I use that helps me in improving the process and pace.

      Community Templates

      Material from Google


    Project Management


    Malayalam Input

    Misc Apps

    • PCloud for Storage
    • Flow for Pomodoro Timer (Mac)
    • Magnet for Window Arrangement (Mac)
    • Grammarly for english grammar (Not a paid user)
    • Alfred for custom actions (Mac)
    • Substack for Newsletter
    • Arc for browsing (Mac)
    • Habits for Habit Tracking (Android)

    This Website

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