Career history

Client history

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I combine the disciplines of test engineering, DevOps, exploratory testing, test management and quality assurance to provide a more rounded contribution than simply testing. 10 years total commercial experience of building test frameworks and coding API, UI and performance tests. Ensuring maximum value, by implementing tests in CI/CD pipelines. Expertise in challenging environments, and contributing improvements to the process of achieving testing goals and objectives. Frequently involved in DevOps and business decisions, and have mentored both technical and business members of team, to engage more with the quality process.



Service-based Work

Accessibility Specialist at jaffamonkey Ltd

Providing Accessibility audit service for startups following compliance process, covering web and mobile apps. Clients are mostly health app startups who are following compliance requirements required for NHS approval. The audit consists of manual and automated activities commonly covering WCAG 2.2 Level AA (alongside UAAG 2.0 for additional mobile-specific coverage). I also provide clients with tools such as screenreader test automation and CI (a11y) tool integrations, with ready-to-go full setups, along with a final Accessibility Statement.

Client 1: A multi-tenant platform to collaborate and create/share content with partners and stakeholders across different healthcare organisations.

Client 2: Established service that develops products and services to make life easier for people with deeply personal and private medical conditions.

Client 3: An AI medical technology company dedicated to developing AI medical products intended for disease screening and diagnosis, disease intervention and treatment, patient management and medical research, for full-hospital deployment serving physicians from multiple departments.

Client 4: A health service offering online consultations and home health-testing services and non-NHS medical letters – removing the need for a GP appointment.

Client 5 A CQC-regulated fully online chronic pain clinic, offering evidence-based treatments for chronic pain (including those not available on the NHS, including medical cannabis).

Client 6: A software enables businesses and organisations with complex workflow needs to efficiently store, manage, distribute, and re-use digital files.

Contract Work

Lead SDET at bet365

December 2022 — October 2023

Project: Rework of Android app and new iOS app version

Lead SDET and Quality Assurance at Ceta Insurance Ltd

January 2022 — September 2022

Project: Major refactoring web projects across the Ceta Insurance brand

Lead SDET/BDD Strategist at CGI

November 2020 — October 2021

Project: BDD-driven project for a Flutter-based banking app, utilising “Backend for Frontend” (BFF) to organize the microservice architectures and coordinate functionality across the system (including third-party API’s).

Quality Assurance Specialist at DocComs

April 2020 — August 2020

Project: Mobile app startup project, aimed at improving communication between doctors about patients.

Lead SDET at Engine | Transformation

June 2019 — October 2019

Project: A feature-rich civil service training and career development web and mobile app (Ruby-on-Rails).

Lead AI Quality Engineer at Tele2

September 2018 — March 2019

Project: Custom Mobile AI Chatbot, developed with Python and using the IBM Watson service.

Lead SDET at Transform UK

June 2017 — July 2018

Project: Drupal/NodeJS app to manage partnerships between businesses and local authorities.

Lead SDET at i2N

December 2016 — April 2017

Project: AngularJS web/mobile application to manage nationwide young offender placements.

Lead SDET at Transform UK

June 2016 — December 2016

Project: Java/AngularJS application for NHS Training and Education management system.

Lead SDET at Wowcher

January 2016 — April 2016

Project: AngularJS/Node app for voucher management and sales.

Lead SDET at TNT (Netherlands),

July 2015 — November 2015

Project: AngularJS web app aimed at improving user experience for TNT customers.

Lead SDET at Hiveworks

March 2015 — June 2015

Project: Drupal/Node/ElasticSearch CMS web application, aimed at providing content for external users, and means to manage content for Orange brand teams.

Lead SDET at Transform UK

December 2015 — March 2015

Project: Symfony2 (PHP) application for a Civil Service Resourcing job application management.

Lead SDET at Transform UK

September 2013 — November 2014

Project: PHP/AngularJS application for OPG (Office of the Public Guardian) case and task management system, for customers seeking power of attorney.

Test Manager at KPMG

April 2011 — December 2012

Project: Multiple C# web-based tax, finance and public sector projects.

Test Manager at Digital Jigsaw

February 2011 — April 2011

Project: MyVodafone customer account app (with dynamic hotspot locator/connector) for Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

Employment history 1997-2010 is available upon request

Technical skills

Programming languages

Python, Kotlin, TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, Java, Swift, Bash, PHP, Ruby

Test frameworks

Jest, Cucumber, Nightwatch, Behave, Protractor, Behat, JUnit, Jasmine, WebdriverIO, CasparJS, PHPUnit, Mink, Fitnesse, Selenium, Playwright.

Mobile test frameworks

Appium, Flutter Driver, XCUITest, XCTest, Calabash, Browserstack, Kobiton, Xamarin UITests, Espresso.

Other Test Tools

JMeter, Artillery, OWASP ZAP, Pa11y, Superagent


Azure, AWS, TravisCI, Jenkins, GitHub, BitBucket, TFS, VMWare, VirtualBox, Docker, Vagrant

Development frameworks

Dart, Ruby on Rails, Angular, Node, React, Spring, Drupal, Symfony2, Zend2, MVC


BTEC HND Computing (Prince, SSADM, C++, COBOL, Computer Architecture, Business Analysis)