Key skills

Quality Assurance / Test Engineering / Test Architect / Test Coaching / Accessibility

Atrributes (How I help)

  • Focusing on current path from requirments to code to production - I like to keep that view in mind, regards quality.
  • An autistic level of attention detail while keeping a broader viewpoint.
  • Sometimes my soft skills provide the best value for a project, demonstrating my belief in values of transparency and team happiness.
  • Tenacious with developing tests - there is always a way.
  • Ensuring all included in quality discussions, I always chase consensus.
  • I choose the right tools for the project, I am not married to any tools - instantly choosing the familiar is common trap.
  • I mentor others - either by arrangement or when I am in a Lead position.
  • I can advise ways on working based on years of practical experience
  • I never ponder of how many ways a project could fail, only on ways to avoid those fails - negativity is not in my nature.