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Enter the Fuzzy Dimension

The true genius behind The Orb (Kris “Thrash” Weston), has started Kickstarter project for new album with many collaborators. Professional grumpy old man “par excellence”, amazing soundsmith, and all-round good egg. Worthy of support, and proud to count him a friend.

It’s not like the good old QA days …

I am starting to think those of us who grumble about misuse of term “QA” (Quality Assurance) are maybe in the realms of grumpy old men/women. I now beginning to realise that yes, people use the term far too loosely without thinking it through. But more is expected of the tester these days, than simply testing – and those expectation do fall within the realm of Quality Assurance. Quality Assurance and Testing used to be distinct areas, though testing came under the overall remit of a QA manager, as it’s a quality gateway task.

The modern tester

I choose to healthily ignore the various various debates around the place of the tester, as it hasn’t changed that much. With every wave of new developers, comes along the same misplaced arrogance that they can do no wrong.  The chips have yet to leave the shoulders.  

Demonised self-employed

… ironic because company executives and human resources say they want self starters, innovative hires, a certain entrepreneurial spirit.

This article, Entrepreneurs need not apply: Companies shun the self employed, comes as no surprise, as companies attempt to hire contractors and the self-employed, as permanent employees. I have been in some comical permanent job interviews over the years, where it is plain they liked my wide variety of skills and experience, but plain nervous when we talk about terms of commitment. It seems that anything I say is met with suspicious eyes, unable to take in what I am saying. I do not lie, I don’t have to – as far as I am concerned, they should be persuading me taking a permanent job is worth my while.

Worker over Employee

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″][/youtube]

The first 3 minutes summarises the modern employee in a complete nutshell.