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Firefox v32 issues with Selenium WebDriver (Linux)

Firefox 32 does not work with Selenium WebDriver, and if you use Ubuntu and have upgraded recently, this is version you will probably have.  You will have seen some kind of error message from selenium, complaining about being unable to bind to the port firefox driver uses. To get round this annoyance, and as Ubuntu dont make it easy to downgrade Firefox version, I used following steps:-

  • sudo apt-get remove firefox
  • Download binary version of your choice (I used version 31)
  • Extract to location of you choice
  • Create link: ln -s /path/to/your/firefox/folder/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

Now Selenium and Firefox will play nicely 🙂

Identify redundant CSS

Identify redundant CSS across your whole site. Dust-Me Selectors Firefox plugin spiders your entire website, and reports on unused CSS.

WCAG Web Accessibility Tools

Linux Screen Reader (LSR)

Windows Screenreader (WebbIE4)

Firefox Plugin (Fangs screenreader)

Firefox, I love ya – but stop nagging to…

Firefox, I love ya – but stop nagging to to update to a BETA version pls!

A Semantic Web Firefox addon

headup_smilingHeadup presents you with textual and rich media content related to the objects and terms it identifies on the pages you browse. star What terms and objects does Headup identify? You can use Headup to identify people, companies, places, bands, movies, books and more. Headup not only identifies these objects but has a basic understanding of the relationships between them. For example Headup understands that a “person” can work for a “company”, a “band” can publish a “track” and a “city” contains “places of interest”.
About Headup – The Semantic Web Firefox addon