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Using PhantomJS with Behat

Firstly, to install phantomjs you need to install it’s dependency, NodeJS:-

sudo npm install -g nodejs

Then install PhantomsJS (I would recommend using npm as it installs it correctly, including updating bin path):-
sudo npm install -g phantomjs

Shoestring Agile QA

One of the off-putting factors for smaller companies implementing Agile is perceived cost and complexity. How much does is cost to implement a new process or guidelines? Well, nothing on the face of it – though there time for everyone to get up to speed, and maybe a few additional tools. Agile is a mixture of common sense and principles that have been in software engineering for decades.

web 3.doh

Finding all-encompassing definitions for web 2.0 was difficult enough, and now we have web 3.0, which I found was neatly summarised in an article by Sramana Mitra []

Web 2.0 focussed on building communities and user-generated content, in attempt to build conhesion on the web in organic fashion. Web 3.0 has more clarity, with less dependency on the user, and more dependency on the technologies to enable the user to contribute, and most importantly for the user to gain from that contribution. For semantic web, read intelligent web!