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Quality assurance

What an Agile coach/consultant does, was always covered in Quality assurance remit (without the Lego, and bug-hunt fun days).

Getting a shared view of the journey of a Feature through the project pipeline from the outset, will smooth the daily work. Quality assurance has unique vantage point on a project, as quality is of interest to everyone.

And it’s about people

Engaging with ideas such as transparency and supportive teams, will never work unless people can be themselves.

Keep momentum on a project, with a group of individuals with complete freedom to express themselves.

It’s a challenge but a worthwhile one.

CI/CD pipelines

The rush to automate CI/CD pipelines can leave some behind.

For the Product owner, Feature completion is the success benchmark.

But the path of developing that feature can easily get skewed in the path to buisness acceptance.

Remember that just because the CI/CD pipelines are working well, it does not mean it is doing the right job

Definition of Done

Everyone has a common idea of what sensibly indicates when a Feature is “Done”.

However, everyone has also subtle variations on what they consider to be “Done”.

Is it worth dissecting the DoD to a granular level to please everyone? No - keep it pragmatic.


The User story format can be vague, but there are alternatives such as Specification by example.

This approach encourages people to think their user story through, rather than just high level view.

The process of giving examples to illustrate what they want, gives the developers more direction.

It provides a better basis for creating acceptance tests.

Continual improvement

Continual improvement

All quality efforts, at all stages of the project pipeline, should regularly be reviewed.

Every process, every way of working has potential for improvement, or perhaps even losing it alltogether.

Importantly, the team should feel they can be honest.