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I have never heard of you*

*A quote from an Agile test coach, bemused how I had managed a long career in testing world, but patently failed to pointlessly market myself at humblebragging conferences or on social media ;)

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Detailed-oriented, reliable, and forward-thinking Quality Engineer, with over 20 years experience in the field of Quality. I combine test engineering, exploratory testing, quality assurance to provide a more rounded contribution just simply test engineering. I have developed my own pragmatic approach to improving project quality, with both technical and business processes – improvement is always possible. I have expertise in a challenging environments, and will always contribute improvements to process of achieving project goals and objectives.

My background

Half my career has been in QA and Test management(RIP), the latter half focused on Test engineering and DevOps. Amd although the skills most frequently utilised are my technical skills, I also bring a Quality assurance mindset to every project.

My first testing contract was offered to me by the company that had contracted me for 3rd line Oracle application support work, but that had dried up. Testing was pretty mind-numbing work in the late 90’s - heavy on analysis documentation, heavy of reporting, and arch-lever files everywhere (there was always someone who wanted the whole damn lot printed out). As for test automation, these were the more challenging days of off-the-shelf third-party software, sold with gusto and commonly sold with the classic line “Do more with less code!“.

I have provided Quality assurance and Test engineering services to over 50 companies since 1997. These ranged from groundbreaking startups to companies in stages of chaos. But of course, I was not born into testing world - I didn’t take first steps into tech until 1993 with a practical BTEC HND. After a grotty foot-in-the-door contract on a Windows 95 helpdesk, I followedm freelance path intech and creative for over 22 years, on over 100 projects. It has given me a flexible, open approach - I never make any assumptions project-to-project.

I enjoy the challenge of testing - the broad skills remit, the constant skills updating, dealing with negativity. I have developed ability manage many business and technical tasks, and a mindset always ready to change/adapt.

I won’t judge your team or company, and take pride in bringing better quality to web and mobile apps.

A few milestones

  • Test manager on the initial rollout of MMS and Mobile video services with o2 and Nokia, ensuring new devices and OS’s were constently checked as part of testing lifecycle.
  • Test managed on major ingestion, streaming and video-editing projects at BBC Technology, during their huge transition to digital media.
  • Introduced Quality Assurance for the online game development at Walt Disney Internet Group, creating strategies and managing third-party developers.
  • Coordinated efforts at publishers like Emap and Incisive Media, implementing a centralised CMS to enable better management and collabaroation between their magazines.
  • Contibuted to new wave of Public sector Agile projects, and a radicaly change in work culture, in the wake of multiple failures of large IT service companies.