Focus on what you could do, not what you should do.

You don’t need a management consultant to improve a project, you need a team that doesn’t need a management consultant.

I have worked in every methodology going … apparently. Don’t be fooled – these methodologies are build on solid engineering principles and modern people management. Focus too much on the methodology badge, and you risk following a prescriptive direction that is not suited to you or your company. Your product owners and stakeholders do not come from the same mould, so your approach needs to take that into account, if you want to avoid dealing with dramas on a per project basis.

My name is Paul Littlebury (aka jaffamonkey) and I have been working in Quality Assurance(QA) in a consultant and contractor capacity for nearly 17 years, in almost 40 companies, and even more projects. I have a range of experience in QA and testing, within many different approaches. I can assist in setting up processes, supplying resources, or simply advice and guidance.  I have accumulated a wealth of technical knowledge, and utilise many tools from the open source world.

There has been a lot of change in development and testing over the last couple of years, with new technologies and processes that both assisted and confused.  Over the years, I have developed my own company-agnostic Quality Assurance based on the principle that everything always changes.  Adaptability and pragmaticism are two qualities I bring to consultancy. I treat each company’s case scenario differently.  Every company different work culture, different technologies, different skills, different budget demands, different target audience.

I travelled a bumpy track to gain my experience, and it has given me a strong can-do attitude, proven in the most challenging environments.

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Email: paul@jaffamonkey.com
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