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Following reading Elisabeth Hendrickson’s post about disillusionment with with QA. There is too much resistance to the big change that is already upon us in QA, but so many in denial. We all need to code.

I saw a similar turn in 2000, when the sudden more technical and adaptable demands on a tester increased. A wave of testers left the profession, and and then suddenly flooded with well-meaning amateurs. I feel lucky in that my path started down the new route early. Sure, it was messy and chaotic time – like babies really, muddling through radical change to web projects. Faster to live, cheaper but not necessarily the attention to quality that Agile and other modern approaches promoted. Anyway, that is certainly water under the bridge now. For years I have been using different tools for automation, dependant very much on client resources and budget. I was in a nice niche of free-thinking digital media and creative industries, where change and improvement are seen as the norm, not the exception.

I feel a little confused, but not enough to concern me. At this time, it is very important to choose a good direction. Sure, I could cruise on one path pretty much to retirement age. Well, that isn’t going to happen. It’s a calm before the storm at the moment – everything is already in place, but there is a resistance from many to the changes happening. There has to be more assertive efforts to follow the approaches. Lofty concepts such as Lean development is a tall order for a company struggling to maintain just Scrum. You need expertise to drive it forward, and simply change people’s job titles just simply isn’t enough.

So we all need to change, not just us in QA. Rather than the mass production approach endemic in software development (little wonder we gravitated to manufacturing processes for inspiration), quality needs to be more in focus. And building good teams – we are dealing with human being ultimately.  After all, we are supposed to be embracing change, not fighting it 🙂

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