A role without tasks

Interesting phone conversation between my Aunt, who works for Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and a social worker. She needed the case worker to provide detail on her clients circumstances, to submit for a court case. Standard practice, though the standard practice of modern Social Services appears to be deflecting responsibility onto either CAB or the police. My aunt deals with many cases that end up in court, and liaising with social services is common, as they have to provide documented statements. here follows the surreal conversation, starting with my aunt …

“But we need your case report to take to court”
“I can’t do that”
“I don’t mean to be rude, but what is your function?”
“Oh, I am the registered case worker”
“For my client?”
“And what are you doing for my client?”
“I am their registered case worker from this council”
“And what do you do for people under your care?”
“…. I am the registered case worker”
“Can I ask if you are are qualified social worker”
“Oh yes, I have a qualification in social work”

At this point, my aunt put the phone down. From my own personal experience of social workers, there are a scary amount of naive youngsters in roles that demand maturity and experience. Very dangerous. They err on the side of doing nothing. Don’t believe the promotional posters of warm mature social workers – most social workers charged with looking after cases, are little more than children.

Who’d work in (anti-) social work?

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