cucumberjs/protractor – dealing with non-angular popups

When creating cucumberjs/protractor test that involves dealing with a non-angular pop-up window, you can use combination of the getAllWindowHandles, and the ignoreSynchronization flag. The example below is a facebook SSO login (previous step was simply clicking link to login with facebook, to bring up the popup)

 this.Given(/^I login with facebook$/, function () {
        browser.getAllWindowHandles().then(function (handles) {
            var buttonName = 'fb login';
            // this switches focus of protractor the facebook login popup
            browser.ignoreSynchronization = true;
            // this tells protractor it's now a non-angularjs page
            fillField('facebook id', '{facebook login email');
            fillField('facebook password', '{facebook password}');
            return getVariable[buttonName.replace(/\s+/g, '')].click().then(function () {
                // this switches focus of protractor back to main angularjs window
                browser.ignoreSynchronization = false;
               // this tells protractor it's now a angularjs page

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