Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance is a means of monitoring the software engineering processes and methods used to ensure quality

I have worked in Quality Assurance for nearly twenty years. I have developed my own pragmatic improvements to quality processes, based on real experience. These can be implemented at any stage of project lifecycle, to help ensure full traceability from requirement to code.

Testing is always the major QA requirement, and I have a model of testing I follow, gained over years of experience in very diverse industries and projects, and (importantly) methodology agnostic.

There are rapid evolutions in development and testing spaces, but it’s necessary to avoid getting lost down too many “rabbit holes”.  I can help avoid this minefield, with pre-designed test automation frameworks and code, that constantly evolve.  Test automation and Opensource are both my work and tech passions.

You use the skills and experience around you; if you don’t have that, contact me

  • Test strategy and management
  • Test automation frameworks (following BDD principles).
  • Improving project processes, based on years of experience from startups to corps.
  • Supporting teams by ensuring all members gain benefit from test process.

I maintain principle of integrating test process into all project stages, to ensure entire release lifecycle subject to ensure full software quality assurance